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Do You Remember the First Time - You Gambled?
ชื่อ : neco
เวลา : 14-06-2013 20:09
Do You Remember the First Time - You Gambled?

Ah, GCLUB the first time. Remember that? Remember the very first time you took a chance, risked something? Lost, didn\'t you? Most everyone that can remember their first gaming situation remembers something very important: they were enticed by someone older, and they lost the wager. Got to be a correlation there. This isn\'t just some mamby-pamby research conducted at a think tank. This research is based on nearly eight people I randomly met at a poker ROYAL1688 game, so let\'s give this some real thought.

My first experience was in second grade, where a few \"friends\" were pitching pennies at a wall. I had a dime, and someone gave me change: a nickle and five pennies. A minute later I understood the rules and had to get change for the nickle. I may have won one pitch before leaving broke. Man, I could have bought a pack of baseball cards สะหวันเวกัส , with gum, for that dime!

Unfortunately, I didn\'t learn much from the experience, because a short time later a few more \"friends\" introduced me to pitching baseball cards where we placed a few cards on the carpet of a hallway and then tried to flip our cards down the hall and get them to land on other cards. If they touched one (or more than one - score!) you got to go retrieve them both. My stack of cards was gone in ten minutes. Did I feel cheated? No. I figured I got unlucky. Classic new gambler thought process. Couldn\'t wait until we played again.

When I got a little older, my buddy Bruce and I started playing RUBY888pool, and we played blackjack with Jerry, the guy running the pool hall. As a general rule he used to kick our collective butts. We didn\'t really know what we were doing. We had no clue how to double down or split pairs, and he didn\'t pay time and a half for a blackjack. Oh, and he always dealt. Yeah, we were at a pretty sizable disadvantage. We didn\'t know what we didn\'t know.

I don\'t know what the odds PRINCESS CROWN were of my beating any of my \"friends\" pitching pennies or baseball cards, but at least the experiences, especially with blackjack, made me want to learn a little more first, before risking my bucks. It didn\'t make me any better my first time, but at least I was more prepared. After playing blackjack in a casino when I was 17 (I think, it was awhile ago) I started reading about the game in Gambling Times magazine so I could find the best blackjack odds and compare the games that were offered in my neck of the woods.

Eventually I understood what the saying, \"There\'s a sucker born every minute,\" meant. I was the sucker! I still try new games, often getting smacked around a little at the start, but I\'ve got a pretty good grounding in how certain rules affect the outcome of games now. Another saying that comes to mind often is, \"Learn from other people\'s mistakes, it\'s cheaper.\" Might want to consider that. Enjoy HOLIDAY PALACE.
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